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The Light of the Moon

I only want the light of the moon and your love. I’m lying here on the floor, on blankets just like we used to. I miss you. He hugged me today, kissed me on the cheek, and caressed my face. … Continue reading

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Nebulous Lucidity

I took a picture of the ocean, The sky bright and blue. Slipping through the cosmos On my way to find you. The journey was uncertain The path, never clear. Seasons changing Year after Year. Reaching the clouds, Traveling through … Continue reading

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Moonbeam Girl

She lies on a makeshift pallet on the floor, and cries under the light of the moon. Wearing a necklace strung straight from the stars, humming a melancholy tune. The girl with the moonbeam starlit eyes, holds tight to the spinning … Continue reading

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He asked me where I came from. I was dropped from the moon and the stars to help the people of this big beautiful planet.

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