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Follow my dreams.  Move to the music.  Feel his lips on mine.  Feel the sun caress my face.  Look up at the clouds.   These are the moments I cherish.  These are moments of freedom.  Existing.  Of ecstasy.  The beat.  The … Continue reading

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One day you’ll say, “I don’t want to meet like this anymore.” And I’ll say, “Okay.”

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If you get off early, come over and lay on the couch next to me. Copyright Suzanne Norton 2016

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Natural Selection

I am committed to only allowing those into my life who will hold me in the highest good. Copyright Suzanne Norton 2015

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I Cry

I cry for the beauty of the world. I cry for the pain. I cry for the feelings that are gone, And for those that will come back again. I cry for the sun and for the stars. For the … Continue reading

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Loving Arms

I never looked at him as more than a friend until the day he held me when I needed to cry. I think he had wanted to do that for a long time. He held me close, sighed, and rubbed … Continue reading

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It took me a year and a half to see Someone I wouldn’t choose as a friend Had been a husband to me. Copyright Suzanne Norton 2015 Hopefully that will change one day.

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