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My Cats are Thugs

My cats are thugs Continue reading

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My Mother’s Dreams

The young black boy sat next to me.  10 years old maybe.  I loved him and he loved me.  He gave me a quarter.  I didn’t know why, but I thought it was sweet. A mic was passed around the … Continue reading

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Chance Encounter

My notebook fell open and my dreams fell out. As they floated to the floor, he stopped to look down. One by one he picked them up, dusted them off, and handed them to me. In that moment, I knew, All of … Continue reading

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Face Your Fears

There was a large rat in my refrigerator last night…. in my dream. I think I know what it means. When I looked again, with a friend…. it wasn’t so big afterall. Copyright Suzanne Norton 2016    

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In reference to my previous post about my recent dream (Totems and Messages from the Other Side)………. I received two new Change.org messages in my inbox today – One regarding cougars and one regarding grizzly bears. Hhhm….    

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Totems and Messages from the Other Side

~My Guides ~ Spirit Animals who came to me in my dreams on Saturday morning 3-19-16 Tiger ~ http://www.spirit-animals.com/tiger/ Dream with totem animals – Tiger and Polar Bear First there were dogs with me -wolves were coming towards us to … Continue reading

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Moonbeam Girl

She lies on a makeshift pallet on the floor, and cries under the light of the moon. Wearing a necklace strung straight from the stars, humming a melancholy tune. The girl with the moonbeam starlit eyes, holds tight to the spinning … Continue reading

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