Change of Direction

We don’t dance together anymore.

He wanted to be the main attraction.

I was in it for the connection.

It was time for us to change directions.

copyright Suzanne Norton 2017

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The Light of the Moon

I only want the light of the moon

and your love.

I’m lying here on the floor, on blankets

just like we used to.

I miss you.

He hugged me today, kissed me on the cheek, and caressed my face.

He couldn’t speak.

It didn’t matter.

His eyes said everything.

“I’ve missed you”

“I’m sorry”

“I should’ve taken better care of her”

“I wish she were still here”

He squeezed my hand as tears came to his eyes.

 Someone once said he was a monster.

Not good to my mother.

I have no hate in my heart.

He’s all I have left.

Except for the moon.

And the sun.

The sun will rise tomorrow

and dry my tears.

It’s quiet outside.

And I’m alone.

My son’s gone on the weekends.

I’m supposed to be the protector.  The mama bear.

They are men now.

Am I still their mama bear?

The breeze feels good

Yet I cough.

I feel lonely

knowing my family is crazy.

Aunts, Uncle, sister, brother.

I used to want a new family.

Instead I have new friends.

I used to want a magic wand to take all the pain away.

Now I am strong.

I can see where I belong.

I see the poor old woman in the crystal ball and know that is not my future.

A reminder to have a different sort of life.

The men in the family have been angry.

I’m changing the tune.

I am not a victim.

That is my new song.

I stand proud and strong.

I am a woman.   A mother.

One day I will have a loving man.

Someone to hold my hand.

I am changing history.

I no longer let fear rule me.

I am compassionate not vengeful.

I do still worry.

About young men

and women.

Sons and daughters.

I know I can’t do it all.

I’ve learned not to do it alone.

I think of you Dear Reader, while I write.

Then I feel his body next to mine.

His embrace.  His love.

He is not a monster.

I am not a fool.

Not out for vengeance.

I’m here for love

For the unloved.

So I write.

Do you understand me?

I know we all just want to be happy.

We will keep reliving out pasts unless we choose otherwise.

I sit with the moon tonight.

It’s moved higher in the sky.

I can feel the breeze.

I know you’re out there somewhere.

I spin my tales.

The moon reminds me.

Sometimes, it’s good to be alone.

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Getting to the Roof Without a Ladder

Such a sweet reminder.

Traveling Healer

My birthday is February 4.  The week before my birthday this year, the ladder to the roof went away.  It’s happened before.  The landlord is renovating an apartment on the other side of the street.  It always comes back, though.  Eventually.

But it’s been several weeks now, and that’s given me a chance to notice all the things I give up when I can’t get to my roof in the mornings.  Firstly and most obviously are my exercises.  Without access to my roof, I start the day sedentary and don’t seem to be able to overcome the inertia of that kind of start to my days.  I also really missed the little magical things that always seemed to happen on the roof while watching the sun coming up, watching its movement patterns and the visual show it puts on every morning, whether I take the time to notice it or…

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You don’t have to eat bread and drink milk.

That’s just what our country has fed us.

Copyright Suzanne Norton 2017

We don’t have to eat grains to get the fiber we need, as we are taught in the U.S.   Grains can cause many digestive issues, such as constipation.   Fruits and veggies will provide ample fiber, a multitude of nutrients, plus water to help keep things moving along.

As for milk, it causes problems for many people in the areas of digestion, inflammation, and increased phlegm.  Just sayin, don’t believe everything your country feeds you.  Use your own judgement, and do what works for your body.

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Strange People

I keep coming across strange people online.  I’m starting to wonder if I’m one of them.

Or maybe it’s the nature of opposites attract.

I think I’ll go with that one.

Copyright Suzanne Norton 2017

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Limited Supply

Can I leave the world behind and just write?

Copyright Suzanne Norton 2017

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It’s 10 p.m.  I’ve been missing you again.  Why did I tell you goodbye?  I said I thought it was better this way.  That we should go back to being just friends.

Why were you always so goddamn agreeable?

Copyright Suzanne Norton 2017

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