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Smoke Fills the Air ~ 2

Smoke follows beauty That’s what you would say as the Smoke filled my lungs and clouded my brain. I was only a child wishing for fresh air to fill my days instead of living in a Perpetual Haze. I did … Continue reading

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Taking a drink

Is this the same cup of Kool-Aid? I don’t think I can do it. He closed the garage door prematurely. Growing up, the girls never knew their dad.

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Tuesday Morning/Poetry and Pie

Spinach mango smoothie Sweet potato pie Upbeat music Perfect breakfast Fine Tuesday morning

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Follow my dreams.  Move to the music.  Feel his lips on mine.  Feel the sun caress my face.  Look up at the clouds.   These are the moments I cherish.  These are moments of freedom.  Existing.  Of ecstasy.  The beat.  The … Continue reading

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Writing and the Writer

I want to write.  Everytime I think of something I want to write I am usually out and about not with computer in hand.   I always debate on trying to remember, or writing it down.  Seems I need to write … Continue reading

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He’s in South Korea training fighter jet pilots while I sift through my dirty laundry looking for underwear to wear to yoga. I don’t know if this one will work out.

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The Perfect Life

You’ve created a nice life for yourself.  Clean, organized, structured.  Everything in its place.  The career, the house, the car, the trips.  I don’t fit into that tidy little box.  I’m a little too… organic.  The dirt under my fingernails.  … Continue reading

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