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Share Your Soul

When I allowed him to see my weakness, he told me I was strong. Copyright Suzanne Norton 2016

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The Opening

I never opened up my soul to you. Now I unveil  it all too soon. Each time the sense of trust,  so coldly ripped apart Leaves jagged little shards, wedged deep into my heart. They penetrate a little less, with … Continue reading

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I Don’t Remember

I don’t remember how I got here. I don’t remember why I came. I can’t even remember my own god damn name! Tell me what to do. Why it has to be so hard. To love this life, To release … Continue reading

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Faith Renewed

Last night, at a festival downtown, I made connections, reminding me to keep my faith in the law of attraction.  Keep setting my intentions and staying open to the powers of the Universe.  It’s like a puzzle.  If my intentions … Continue reading

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Imagine Life

What I imagine will become my reality. My interpretation of a quote by Albert Einstein: Your imagination is your preview of life’s coming attractions.

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Family Rules

If you grew up in a household where the implicit rules were: Don’t talk Don’t trust Don’t feel Then check out literature on Adult Children of Alcoholics or Adult Child Syndrome.  Even if alcoholism wasn’t present in your home, it, … Continue reading

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