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Follow my dreams.  Move to the music.  Feel his lips on mine.  Feel the sun caress my face.  Look up at the clouds.   These are the moments I cherish.  These are moments of freedom.  Existing.  Of ecstasy.  The beat.  The … Continue reading

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Don’t you love it when you look back in your notebook, on what you’ve written, and think “Who wrote that?” Writing can be such an otherworldly place.  A magical journey, totally submerged into the moment.  So deep in the flow … Continue reading

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Dearest Words,

  I write a lot of words And I want to write more. Other things call for my attention. I have to go now. It is never my intention to ignore you. I promise I’ll be back. Sorry if you … Continue reading

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Sunny Morning Ramblings (stream of consciousness flow)

Today is the day!  I’m back!  I had a delicious slumber all through the night and into the morning.  I am still in bed.  Too comfy to be anyplace else.  I have been cruising my dating site.  My compulsion has … Continue reading

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