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Follow my dreams.  Move to the music.  Feel his lips on mine.  Feel the sun caress my face.  Look up at the clouds.   These are the moments I cherish.  These are moments of freedom.  Existing.  Of ecstasy.  The beat.  The … Continue reading

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Fridays Are Busy

Do I really need to fill the teapot completely up with hot water only to pour it all out the next morning? Save the one cup of tea that I will drink tonight.               … Continue reading

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My Friend ~ Stream of Consciousness Verse – reposted

I hear the wind calling me Come out and play She is my friend The sounds of my ancestors singing She is my sister Throughout time Uncensored A howl fills the space A voice Peace The silence unbearable She returns … Continue reading

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New Page

I hear all of the sounds now, wishing they were music instead of grocery store din.  Sliding chairs, people talking on cell phones, intercoms- we need …. in the produce isle.  Today is my first day in the new health … Continue reading

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