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Change of Direction

We don’t dance together anymore. He wanted to be the main attraction. I was in it for the connection. It was time for us to change directions. copyright Suzanne Norton 2017

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Gratitude for You and Pink Grapefruit

With each juicy bite, Pink pulp wedged between my teeth I remember your soft lips, Each tender kiss, Every second our bodies moved in and out of a new reality. And I’m grateful. Grateful for the beauty. For the feelings … Continue reading

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The Words are in the Water

He told me how many raindrops were in the clouds. What to do when lightning strikes the ground. How much he loves my blue eyes, Such a contrast from his brown. I wondered about the meaning of life Contemplating why … Continue reading

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making love and paper airplanes

He stood in the kitchen making paper airplanes.  An image of my son came to mind.  He’d shared a similar interest, at age ten. I reclaimed my clothes from the living room floor, went to my bedroom, and quietly closed … Continue reading

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Peripheral Vision

Someone new comes into my life and your essence always disappears. Alone again and you fill up that empty place. It’s been almost a year. Why do you keep invading my space? Copyright Suzanne Norton 2016

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What’s Your Sign?

I’m taking off the sign I’ve been wearing that reads: Wanted Dysfunctional Relationship Copyright Suzanne Norton 2016

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The Opening

I never opened up my soul to you. Now I unveil  it all too soon. Each time the sense of trust,  so coldly ripped apart Leaves jagged little shards, wedged deep into my heart. They penetrate a little less, with … Continue reading

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