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The Perfect Life

You’ve created a nice life for yourself.  Clean, organized, structured.  Everything in its place.  The career, the house, the car, the trips.  I don’t fit into that tidy little box.  I’m a little too… organic.  The dirt under my fingernails.  … Continue reading

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making love and paper airplanes

He stood in the kitchen making paper airplanes. An image of my son came to mind.  He’d shared a similar interest, at age ten. I reclaimed my clothes from the living room floor, went to my bedroom, and quietly closed … Continue reading

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What’s Your Sign?

I’m taking off the sign I’ve been wearing that reads: Wanted Dysfunctional Relationship Copyright Suzanne Norton 2016

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Sweet Memories

Butterflies, Bubble baths, Wrestling, And Laughter.

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I Belong To You, Lenny Kravitz

I think I’ve died and gone to Heaven! I’m setting a new intention ~ Fine tuning what I want in my life!    A man who cares about his body, is in tune with his body and his sensuality, who … Continue reading

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Together we were such a delicious distraction from the every-dayness of our separate lives. Copyright Suzanne Norton 2015

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Your Eyes

No one had ever looked at me like you did. I can’t even put into words how it made me feel. But I know I want more of it. I never really even understood that such a thing existed. What … Continue reading

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