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Are you guys going dancing tonight? I had planned on heading downtown.  But I’m tired.  It feels like it would take a lot of effort just to get myself out the door.                 … Continue reading

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A New Season

The smell of the grill and fresh cut grass feel like summer to me. I used to have BBQs with my family this time of year. Now I don’t eat meat. And I no longer have a family. He always … Continue reading

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Who Has the Right?

How could I even consider selling my babies?  I love them all. Equally. And I’ll always be the parent, for God’s sake. Copyright Suzanne Norton 2015 [musings on a publisher getting copy rights]

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Change of Wardrobe

I woke up with my inner Eeyore voice….                                        (say it with me slowly,  just like Eeyore) Another day.  Here we go … Continue reading

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Why Bother?

I could tell you all of my excuses, but what would be the point? Copyright Suzanne Norton 2015

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