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The Words are in the Water

He told me how many raindrops were in the clouds. What to do when lightning strikes the ground. How much he loves my blue eyes, Such a contrast from his brown. I wondered about the meaning of life Contemplating why … Continue reading

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I Cry

I cry for the beauty of the world. I cry for the pain. I cry for the feelings that are gone, And for those that will come back again. I cry for the sun and for the stars. For the … Continue reading

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The world is a big, wide-open, expansive place Today I just want to walk in the woods, hemmed in by trees on all sides Feeling small, while accepting the comfort and security of their close-knit family Copyright Suzanne Norton 2015

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No Frills Here

I have never been a frilly girl.  Always preferring to look at the flowers rather than wear them.  Growing up I spent my days digging in the dirt, and wading in creeks, not fretting over being pretty or pristine.  I … Continue reading

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-On a Hill in the Park –

Toes reach out to feel the breeze Sister calls me from the trees. Upon a hill Look down below Where crystals dance on water’s glow. No later or before, Just what’s here, And nothing more. Clouds and Jetstream Shred the … Continue reading

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My Friend ~ Stream of Consciousness Verse – reposted

I hear the wind calling me Come out and play She is my friend The sounds of my ancestors singing She is my sister Throughout time Uncensored A howl fills the space A voice Peace The silence unbearable She returns … Continue reading

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Strange Rhyme ~ In Good Time -Read it Aloud and Quick…that should do the trick!

Time to get out of my head Get out of my bed Take a walk in the woods Listen to the birds Turn off the words That flow like a stream Feeling no different than a damn good dream Time … Continue reading

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