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“When I Grow Up, I Want to Be…..”

Maybe I’ll become a swimsuit model.  My time at the gym over this past year has really paid off.  I think I could almost swing it.  Just Sunday I was thinking about a career in Ashiatsu.  Substitute teaching maybe?  And … Continue reading

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The Journey

I’ve been busy living my life.  Building my Qigong and Tai Chi business, writing (in my notebook), teaching an art class, shooting photos, hiking, meditating, working out, dancing, taking a Buddhist committed practice class, raising teenage sons, meeting with my … Continue reading

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More thoughts about writing……..

I just realized that I want to create several different blogs for different types of writing.  Like shuffling through a deck of cards, I will be shuffling through my blogs for the right fit for the topic at hand. I … Continue reading

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