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Alone, I write. In my presence, One black cat, one white. The stacks of papers grow, As I slowly turn away. Shutting myself in, Yet another day. Self-sabotage, Often exists out of fear. Time slowly turns, Into one more year. … Continue reading

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I’ll Live it How I Choose

I’m here And it’s good. The same place, yet new. This place is my home. I’ll be moving soon, into a new phase. I have changed. My life rearranged It’s been reclaimed. It’s mine. Mine all mine. Copyright Suzanne Norton … Continue reading

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Say What You Need to Say…..Write What You Need to Write…..Dance How You Need to Dance

“I want to see you be brave ……” Brave ~ Sara Bareilles

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I am awash in the beauty of words. Flowing over me, flowing through me Washing over me Cleansing me. Can I stay here, in this place, forever? The definition of paradise. This place in my soul This place where I … Continue reading

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Who’s Responsible?

I don’t like it when it feels like someone is always needing me. I just want to be left alone.  Not responsible for another’s needs, or happiness. Now I understand that others may have felt this way about my behavior. … Continue reading

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Freedom, Glorious Freedom

I can live my life any way I choose.

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Crying with the Doors Wide Open (Revised)

I wouldn’t be concerned about someone hearing my joy. So let them hear my pain as well. Will the sounds worry them? a voice asks. Are you hoping someone will care? No.  I’m okay here by myself. Sprawled out on … Continue reading

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