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I Organized My Files Tonight

I organized my files tonight.  Now I’m ready for love.  I’ve grown up.  Finally reached adulthood.  It’s time.  My time.  Time for love.  I don’t have to prove anything, to myself or anyone else, anymore.  I just have to be … Continue reading

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When is it Enough?

What is my part in this big wide world?  How do I balance my health, my relationships, and my passions, with my part in making this planet a more peaceful place?  I can live my life small, doing my own … Continue reading

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Writing, The Writer

I’ve been writing for hours on end, day after day.  Filling up notebook after notebook. I just keep moving forward. Hoping to take a few steps back and get the words moved from paper to blog, and eventually into book … Continue reading

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True Love

I miss you.  We’re not together nearly enough these days.  That is by my own doing and I don’t know why.  Why I can’t seem to give you all of my hours. I love you so much.  You have always … Continue reading

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