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Why Not Write?

I think one of the reasons I don’t write is that I know I will drop into that mode of this-is-what-I-want-to-do.  And I think of everything else I want to do, and have to do.  Maybe I tell myself consciously … Continue reading

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I Organized My Files Tonight

I organized my files tonight.  Now I’m ready for love.  I’ve grown up.  Finally reached adulthood.  It’s time.  My time.  Time for love.  I don’t have to prove anything, to myself or anyone else, anymore.  I just have to be … Continue reading

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When is it Enough?

What is my part in this big wide world?  How do I balance my health, my relationships, and my passions, with my part in making this planet a more peaceful place?  I can live my life small, doing my own … Continue reading

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Still a Hippie?

My son accuses me of being a hippie.  I tell him, “No, I’ve moved on to my classy stage.”  He says, “Mom, it’s not just about how you look.”  We argue back and forth on this topic from time to … Continue reading

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You Weren’t On My Schedule Today

I came to the library looking for a quiet place to balance my accounts. I didn’t invite you. Yet here you are.  Again. You said I didn’t give you enough space, now you won’t leave me alone. You occupy my … Continue reading

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I’m Learning

I’m learning a lot about myself lately.  I’m learning what I like and don’t like.  What I want, and don’t want, in my life.  I’m learning that I get attached easily.  That I like attention and love.  That I like … Continue reading

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Challenge, Movement, and Perseverance

I guess I like a challenge.  To continually push myself.  To grow, learn, discover!  That’s what this life is for.  Right?  I don’t sit still for too long.  Onto the next venture.  Sometimes this is a problem.  Maybe not paying … Continue reading

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