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If I don’t write the words down right away they seem to vanish. I don’t have a bra on today, or makeup. The sky is blue and filled with puffy white clouds. I connect with them through my window. How … Continue reading

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What I Wanted

I wanted an attractive masseur. I wanted a table for my tablet, for my writing. I wanted a hot sweaty dance partner. I wanted physical connection and comfort. I wanted love. I wanted to barter classes for tech services. I … Continue reading

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Heart Connections

I dreamed I kissed a woman last night.  And it was nice.  It’s all about the energy of another.  An energetic connection between two human beings.  Some may call it chemistry but it’s so much more than that.  There’s a … Continue reading

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It has been coming fast and furious this week.  The message is, “You have to create.”  Create words, written and spoken, create movement, to rhythmic music, create images, in the form of photographs.  Create space to breathe and slow down. … Continue reading

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Flesh and Blood

I understand fully now my need for flesh and blood.  My connection with people. The energy of others is necessary for my sustenance.  I have been devoid of it to the extent it is needed in my life. I listen … Continue reading

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