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I’m having flashbacks today. Michael’s on my mind. Spring is in the air and I find myself longing for love again. Was Michael love?  I think so. Love means a lot of things. I loved him as a fellow human … Continue reading

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The Weekend/Separation Anxiety

I cried every Friday when they left, that first year. Then I started dancing. Copyright Suzanne Norton 2017

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I Organized My Files Tonight

I organized my files tonight.  Now I’m ready for love.  I’ve grown up.  Finally reached adulthood.  It’s time.  My time.  Time for love.  I don’t have to prove anything, to myself or anyone else, anymore.  I just have to be … Continue reading

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I Wear Color

I wear color.  Sapphire adorns my ring finger, turquoise and plum encircle my wrist.  Navy blue warms my arms and chest, hot magenta stretches tight across my thighs. The ring belongs to my ex-husband.  He put it on my finger … Continue reading

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Weekend Agenda

Friday:  Write, Teach, Run errands, Teach, Eat, Sleep Saturday:  Blog, Clean, Skype, Walk, Work, Dance Sunday:  Drive to my old house, Pack my previous life into a few small boxes, Feel sick, Come home, Cry, Move on with my new … Continue reading

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It took me a year and a half to see Someone I wouldn’t choose as a friend Had been a husband to me. Copyright Suzanne Norton 2015 Hopefully that will change one day.

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Change of Address

He says dejectedly,                                                                           … Continue reading

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