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He said, “I have to get up early tomorrow to wash out my underwear.” Rolling her eyes up to the ceiling, as was her habit, she replied, “Did I really need to know that?” [Reader thinks ~ She’s so weird. … Continue reading

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Fresh Honey

He invited me over to his place for brunch this Sunday. I thought you said he was gay. Obviously I was wrong. Do you think this one will work out? Well, he drives a Lexus, is into Buddhism, and has … Continue reading

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A Different Type

How are you doing? I’m fine.  I knew it would be short-lived. How did you know that? Well, for starters, he drove a big truck, appreciated football, and didn’t appreciate art. I see.  Not your type. You got it. Copyright … Continue reading

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Waiting Patiently

She said he was looking for me. “I’m here!  I’m here!  Can you see me?” Copyright Suzanne Norton 2015

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He Said

I’ve only felt like this once before. Way back in Junior High. So I guess, what I’m sayin’, is it’s been a long time. Copyright Suzanne Norton 2015

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The Question

Sweetie, dis whatta woman body look like, afta she hada baby. Nah go on n aks yaself, ya done thank ya mama lately? Copyright Suzanne Norton 2015 Working on dialect.

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The Mood

I’m not really in the mood today.  Can I just pay you the $70.00 and get this over with? It’s hot.  And I’m tired. Copyright Suzanne Norton 2015

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