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A Second Chance

My mother’s death, allowed for my rebirth. Copyright Suzanne Norton 2017

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It’s been almost a year. Seems more like a lifetime. There was no funeral. No tears, or laughter. Only silence. And a small, but steady, hurrah. Copyright Suzanne Norton 2016

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An Understanding

I guess I might have a chip on my shoulder too, if my father put a gun to his head on my eleventh birthday. Copyright Suzanne Norton 2016

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Untitled Thoughts

I think of Marilyn and the visitation. I think of LaGondola. Of fresh ham and cheese sandwiches. Of homemade Italian bread still warm out of the oven. I think of Carla.  Of Cameron and the funeral.  Brett as an active … Continue reading

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Lying There

He looked like an Auschwitz victim. Like a tiny helpless baby bird. I wanted to cradle him in my arms, But fed him ice chips instead. It’s what he preferred. He looked into my eyes Just moments before he died. … Continue reading

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Death does funny things to people; Especially to those still alive. Copyright Suzanne Norton 2015

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Drennon Lane

Was it just yesterday I traveled this road? It feels like a lifetime ago. Copyright Suzanne Norton 2015 [I’ll miss you mom]

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