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Where did my soul go? Copyright Suzanne Norton 2015

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I am learning how it feels to function without stress.  How it feels to live when nothing is going wrong.  What life is like when there are no fires to put out.  I’m learning how to function when not feeling … Continue reading

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Still Life

Ice cream Candlelight Little Happy Buddha Water in a crystal glass Rock from the creek, that looks like a mountain Rain outside the window Howling wind Empty candy wrapper by a blue ink pen Ice cream, sweet and creamy A … Continue reading

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The Opening

I never opened up my soul to you. Now I unveil  it all too soon. Each time the sense of trust,  so coldly ripped apart Leaves jagged little shards, wedged deep into my heart. They penetrate a little less, with … Continue reading

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Impermanence and Acceptance

I’m changing every day.  My thoughts, my feelings, my wants, my beliefs, my body.  It can be unsettling at times.  It can also be reassuring in times of pain.  With the reminder, this too shall pass.  This phrase is good … Continue reading

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Clouded Vision

When you keep something in the same place for too long, you no longer see it.  The object that was once interesting, intriguing, and beautiful, is now overlooked; invisible. Pause occasionally to pick it up. Feel it.  Examine it.  Then … Continue reading

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This morning I had the thought, “I am creative.”  Then I remembered the insight I have been having around the Buddhist understanding of self, or better yet no-self.  I have studied Buddhism for years and never really grasped this concept. … Continue reading

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