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If you get off early, come over and lay on the couch next to me. Copyright Suzanne Norton 2016

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I so want the company of a man.  Someone to hold me for more than just one night.  More than one night on the dance floor.  Why does it have to end there?  I want to lay on the couch … Continue reading

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Home Alone

Savoring exotic chocolate, drinking Jasmine tea. Awaiting your response to my temptuous inquiry. Copyright Suzanne Norton 2015 Black Salt Caramel Bar Organic Spring Jasmine

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Chemistry Experiment

It wasn’t just your body. I loved your mind too. Copyright Suzanne Norton 2015

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Heart Connections

I dreamed I kissed a woman last night.  And it was nice.  It’s all about the energy of another.  An energetic connection between two human beings.  Some may call it chemistry but it’s so much more than that.  There’s a … Continue reading

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