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I write poetry, flash fiction, quotes and personal essays. Words flow forth like a river that cannot be dammed. Writing is my soul.

The Perfect Life

You’ve created a nice life for yourself.  Clean, organized, structured.  Everything in its place.  The career, the house, the car, the trips.  I don’t fit into that tidy little box.  I’m a little too… organic.  The dirt under my fingernails.  … Continue reading

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I am concerned about contributing to the world, not about making money.  This presents a challenge in a capitalist society. My motivation comes from a desire to help others, not from a desire to make money.  A capitalist society is … Continue reading

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Life, Change of Perspective, One-Night Stands

I brought him home to my apartment.  He was a good dancer who had looked deep into my eyes.  I’m sure he knew that was the way to a lady’s heart.  I’m sure that he had looked into many a … Continue reading

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Now . Here

Now.  Here.  Needing to be creative.  To sit staring out at the open space beyond the balcony door.  To hear the birds.  Feel the breeze.  Today is a day that beckons me to connect with nature.  I move closer.  Sit … Continue reading

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A Long Time

It’s been awhile.  Seems I say that every time I get on here now.  I am so happy with this new format.  It is so much more user friendly for my tablet. I’m sitting in that old familiar place.  You … Continue reading

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I can be the life of the party on the dance floor, or in the yoga studio, but when the lights are out and I’m at home alone, I feel lonely and unmotivated.  Whatever it is, it’s hard to get … Continue reading

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“If we look at it in this way, nibbana is here and now.  It’s not an attainment in the future.  The reality is here and now.” Ajahn Sumedho

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