Power of Positivity

This is a post on the Facebook Page, The Power of Positivity.

This is the guy I’m lookin for.  🙂


Leave me a comment and let me know what you think.

In this day and age do you think many women still want this treatment?  Do men still want to fulfill this role?


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I write poetry, flash fiction, quotes and personal essays. Words flow forth like a river that cannot be dammed. Writing is my soul.
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4 Responses to Power of Positivity

  1. MysticalMillenial says:

    Hey Suzanne,

    I think some of those on the list were relevant to now. I do not personally care if a man uses his silverware correctly, but I prioritize the way he acts towards others and to me.

    I think a few of the points like “always gets the check” would certainly be debated as feminism has brought a new perspective to that idea. Being young, in my relationship, my boyfriend and I will often share the check. Lol. Hope my thoughts were helpful 🙂


  2. cabrogal says:

    I think all people should strive to be courteous and considerate to each other. I also think needs and capabilities should be taken into account for such things so, in the usual course of events, men being stronger than women should be more prepared to offer their physical strength as assistance though the reverse would apply in cases where the woman is physically stronger than the man. Similarly men who earn more (still the standard, unfortunately) should be prepared to ‘pick up the cheque’, but in cases where the woman has more money she should be similarly prepared to open her purse. There’s no such thing as a free lunch so when he lavishes his hard earned dollars on you you should think about what you may have just sold.

    By and large the gendered roles of courtesy are well past their use by date and that goes double for customs derived from an era and class in which men were expected to resort to violence at a moment’s notice and women were essentially chattels to be won or earned through social status.

    The notion of men as primarily expendable reserves of physical strength and fighting prowess is particularly toxic and I’m far from alone in being a man who has been severely fucked up by this popular social trope. We don’t put on armour and charge off to fight dragons anymore but from earliest childhood us guys are still fed the constant message that our prime function in life is to sacrifice ourselves to save our women and children. Apart from the obvious implied reciprocal obligation that puts on women and children it also teaches us guys that fulfillment and self-worth come from facing up to physical danger (usually with violence) and either prevailing or dying in the attempt. In real life those we care about all too often suffer and die and there is nothing we could have done, but that simple fact just makes us feel like worthless failures and leaves us unable to deal with grief.

    Whether it’s romantic tales from the age of chivalry, the latest Star Wars or Batman movie or simply indoctrination with ‘manners’ that teach us “women and children first” I think that whole attitude is at the core of a lot of male violence and dysfunction, from young men wanting to go off and fight wars to the mindless gun violence on US streets to the persistently high rates of male suicide. And to misogyny and the objectification of women.

    It’s really time to bring that sort of thing to an end. Any woman who seeks to promote it because it’s ‘courtly’ or ‘romantic’ or ‘makes her feel valued’ has no grounds for complaint if she finds herself treated as some guy’s possession after he opened a few doors and bought her dinner.


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