Fifteen Candles


We looked at pictures from last July today.  I think you’ve doubled in size.  Can it be that it was only a year ago when we sold your bike to the man who answered our add?  He met us in the parking lot, excited to make the purchase.  It was just what his son had asked for for his birthday.

Tomorrow you’re turning 15, and wearing a size 13.  I guess you always did have big feet.                                                           You rode your brother’s bike to work this summer.  To your job making salsa.  No one could believe you were only fourteen.

Isn’t it strange,

that I’m the one having growing pains.

Copyright Suzanne Norton 2015

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About Suzanne

I write poetry, flash fiction, quotes and personal essays. Words flow forth like a river that cannot be dammed. Writing is my soul.
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