Can You Feel It?

chillin with my kitties here on the couch,

watching the snow fall outside.

covered in fleece and afghans

thinking about Andrew,

last night.

bodies pressed close,

hip sway in time.

warm hands, and passion,

interlaced with mine.

music moves us

to new places,

amidst an ocean

of euphoric faces.

Funk to the core,

we pump to the beat.

time to accelerate,

move those feet.

all are one,

out on the floor.

a communal high,

still wanting more.

voices rise, pleading-


hard to convince us,

the night’s almost gone.

highs in the dark,

awaken to day.

feeling the pulse,

in a brand new way.

holding the joy,

both morning and night.

pure beauty,

make it just right.

glow of the snow,

music it flows,

in through my veins,

down into my soul.

a beat

that remains,

deep in my chest.

yet, alas,

today I must rest.

in the afterglow.

of one fine night.

Copyright Suzanne Norton 2016

About Suzanne

I write poetry, flash fiction, quotes and personal essays. Words flow forth like a river that cannot be dammed. Writing is my soul.
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2 Responses to Can You Feel It?

  1. Ryan Stone says:

    Wow! You were right – I like your poetry a lot. Looking forward to exploring 🙂


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