See You at the Beach!

Hi!  I am here in Boston staying with my friend and continuing to grow and develop and see my unskilled tendencies towards control.  To see all that I am working on.  Patience, non-complaining mindset, connecting with “I-don’t-know-mind”.

So I sit here on the beautiful couch with the beautiful tapestry blanket resting on the back, beautiful middle eastern pattern that makes me think of my belly dancing days. Wishing I was in more of a closed in space instead of out in the open living room connected to dining room opening into kitchen.  Hearing and seeing my friend move around the kitchen, wanting to have walls closer around me and more privacy.  Tired.  A bit sad.  Knowing this means I need a wider scope of people to interact with.  Knowing I need more movement.  Tomorrow I plan on finding a Tai Chi class and an acroyoga class.  Needing a fix for both.  And wanting to taste the Boston/Cambridge flavor.

I have been struggling with “I-want-to-know-mind” resulting in attempts at mind-reader-mind.  Awareness of the tendency is the first step.  And giving these mindstates compassion.  These things are good opportunities to practice patience and sit with discomfort, instead of trying to control situations.

We met a young man, and his mother from South Korea, yesterday in Hahvahd Yahd.  (forgive my poor Bostonian accent).  He brought her here for two months, taking her around the country in an R.V. filming, making a documentary and giving her the gift of this experience.  He was very insightful, focusing on such things as physics and the deeper meaning to life.  I am excited to see where he goes with his project and wish him the best of luck.  He has a similar positive we-have-so-much-to-learn-from-life perspective.  After visiting with them at the bottom of the steps to the main library, we moved on to Harvard Square.  Took some photos, bought a few gifts, then headed back to her place on Appleton Street, just blocks away, walking in the dark, but feeling comfortable as we were escorted by Prarie, part Great Pyrenees, part Golden Lab.

Today we went to the beach in Winthrop, MA.  It was cold, windy, overcast, and the waves and expanse of the Atlantic were awe inspiring.  We had the sandy beach to ourselves on this brisk fall day.  I have only ever been to the ocean on one other occasion in my nearly 47 years on the planet.  That was on the other coast, the Pacific ~ at beautiful Huntington Beach.  So….it’s a big deal.

We ate at an Italian restaurant, run by Italian folks.  Right on the ocean front.  The food was fresh and amazing. The service perfect.  I even drank a little wine, and I don’t even drink, but it seemed appropriate given the occasion.

Winthrop is an adorable town, with colorful houses and narrow streets.  Pure small town Americana.  Gave me a feeling much like being in Maine (although I’ve actually never been in Maine).

I have only heard one Bostonian as of yet – at the Farmer’s Market in Harvard Yard.  She was working the seafood booth.  So I am looking forward to meeting more locals.  My friend is here temporarily so she invited me out, offering to pay half my airfare and all of my food expenses.  What an amazing friend!  It’s not cheap to eat in Boston.  Maybe we’ll pack a lunch tomorrow!  We will go to the Cambridge Zen Center to meditate and do a few of the other activities around town.  Friday we’ll go to the Charles and the Public Gardens.  We saw MIT today and will be near Berklee School of Music on Friday.  She also pointed out BU.  I have a couple of friends who went there many years ago.

My friend loves to talk with me about relationships, she is a sort-of life coach.   She helps me sort things out as she has had experience in her life with dating and I am still fresh out of the turnip patch when it comes to these things.  So green, but learning fast.  Learning about myself and others, about getting to know people, how this takes a lot of time, and about building trust and communicating.  It’s all good, but usually leaves me wanting.  I am learning to relax, to be comfortable not having all the answers, to understand how to give up control and let things unfold.  Sometimes I wonder if it’s worth it, but I always come back to appreciating how every experience helps me grow into becoming more of the person I want to be.

Now I am writing in my friend’s bedroom with the doors closed and the windows open.  The cool fresh air is lovely.  The open windows representing one more time the nature of one seemingly bad thing flipping into a good thing.  Painters painted the bay window in the room with some very toxic – high VOC paint.  Hence making open windows a necessity.  I can hear the wind and rain blowing outside.  It’s comforting.  I don’t feel cold at all.

I need to get to sleep so I can get up early and start my day.  Hoping to find a Tai Chi class within walking distance so we don’t have to drive.  I am feeling love for you my reader right now.  So good to reconnect after my recent absence.  I am sorry I haven’t been reading other’s blog posts.  But there is a season for everything.  One thing we can always count on, is that impermanence is alive and well.

Namaste my friend,


Copyright Suzanne Norton 2015

About Suzanne

I write poetry, flash fiction, quotes and personal essays. Words flow forth like a river that cannot be dammed. Writing is my soul.
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