I Think She’s Losing It

My son and I were having interesting conversation at our dining room table on a variety of topics.  Things like gender differences, domestic violence, and philosophy, when I received a text from my upstairs neighbor.

8:38 PM                                                                                           Not sure why but i can hear your conversation inside my apt even with my tv on.  I checked from the hallway and it is coming from you guys.                                                                8:43 PM same message

I refrained from responding, but commented to my son, “Are we not allowed to talk in our own apartment?”

What a creeper hanging around outside of our door.  I thought I heard something out there.

If she comes down here again, and tries to start something, I’m sure I can take her.

She is old and I am a  Ninja.

Copyright Suzanne Norton 2015

About Suzanne

I write poetry, flash fiction, quotes and personal essays. Words flow forth like a river that cannot be dammed. Writing is my soul.
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