Patience and Diligence

Let go (ideally -practice not holding on in the first place)

Don’t try to figure other people out (don’t try to be a mind reader)

Stop making up stories or trying to predict the future (see when the story begins and bring it to an immediate ending ~ saving that energy for a focus on self-growth)

Settle into being comfortable with “I don’t know” (hard one)

Move forward without holding onto a desired outcome ~ stay focused, yet open

Sit still, trusting the answers will present themselves when needed (patience and faith)

Attract healthy people

Be a healthy person -work diligently on mind, body,  social/emotional health

Set boundaries

Set boundaries

Set boundaries

Accept others boundaries



Love self

Love life

Be shining love

Share your unique supernova radiance

Live fully

Seek and accept support and connection from others


Allow life to happen at its own pace

Don’t try to control life

Don’t try to control other people

Create space

Let life be the teacher

Walk towards fear

Repeat, “It will all work out.  It’s okay.”  It all comes down to state of mind.

Be clear in wants and needs

Be in the moment

Have faith in the workings of the Universe

(btw – these are all things I’m working on

Let me know what you’re working on, or thoughts you have)

Copyright Suzanne Norton 2015

About Suzanne

I write poetry, flash fiction, quotes and personal essays. Words flow forth like a river that cannot be dammed. Writing is my soul.
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6 Responses to Patience and Diligence

  1. cabrogal says:

    I can’t say I’m working on “Seek and accept support and connection from others”. I guess I gave up on that one. It’s a toughie for aspies like me.

    For most of my life the biggie has been “Stop making up stories or trying to predict the future”. I think I’ve made a bit of progress in not telling stories as if they were true but I still make up stories about how I want/expect things to be. Worse is that I sometimes make up stories about how I wanted things to have been.

    Probably my central one at the moment is a variation (or inversion?) of tiramit’s. “Stop trying to link causes with effects”. If there is such a thing as cause and effect (David Hume gave us good reason to doubt it) then you can be sure that every effect has uncountable causes and every cause brings about uncountable effects. Imagining a one-on-one relationship or stringing them together in linear form only reflects the limitations of rationality and my own prejudices.


  2. tiramit says:

    Observing causes and conditions and the automatic reactions to these…


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