So Little Time, Weather, and Other Things….


So much to write!  So little time!  Notebook upon notebook full of writing.  It doesn’t stop.  A spigot that can’t be turned off.

Tonight I sit in a coffee shop, my third writing stop.  I started off in the parking lot of my favorite park, soon the wifi signal gave out. Moved to a favorite downtown movie house cafe where everyone was required take up residence in the small theater due to the tornado warning.  No worries, I’ll write in here.  This is an interesting experience.  I’ll write about it.  Again no wifi.  No tornado materialized.  Good news.  Everyone files out except those true movie goers.  A jovial bunch.  Back to life as usual, as though nothing unusual had happened.  The rest move back their respective tables.  To their coffee, beer, games, and computers.

This third stop is much more quiet and uneventful.  The rain continues to fall outside but not like the buckets that were dumped on us an hour ago.  Flash flood warnings are still in effect in some places.  I notice a few cute guys.  One younger, with a nice short haircut, another who I noticed looking at me when I came here to write on Sunday night.  And a third, a bit older than the other two, having a fun conversation with the barista.  Back to the weather.  I talked to a lady in Orange County a few days ago when I called to pay my insurance bill, which thankfully is supported by recent Supreme Court Decisions to keep things just as they have been since instituting health care reform. Anyway, she spoke of the drought and I told her my area, in the middle of the country, had been seeing rain pretty much every day for the past two months.  Very unusual.  But I have gotten used to it.  An interesting turn of events as my old default was for my mood to turn to gloom as soon as the dark clouds came overhead. A sister of the sunshine, but I am more adaptable than I thought.  I think this is generally true of our species.  So there is an imbalance with the weather, no surprise of course.  I told her I wished I could send some rain her way.  And I really meant it.  I wondered how this would be possible.  Do I have the power?  My intentions over the past 6 months have been strong and prophetic.  So we’ll see.  I will put some more effort into doing my part to change the balance.

So tonight, I ramble.  And write new thoughts instead of sharing those that came just hours before, days before, weeks before, years before.  I haven’t figured out how to do that in any orderly fashion yet.  I haven’t figured out where the hours will come from to put all of the words down.

I’m always open to suggestions.

Thanks for listening… would love to hear your story too…           please share.   :  )

Copyright Suzanne Norton 2015

About Suzanne

I write poetry, flash fiction, quotes and personal essays. Words flow forth like a river that cannot be dammed. Writing is my soul.
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