Giving Birth

I said I was sorry for disturbing you.

You were so comfortable, cushioned in that interior ocean.

A small being existing inside of my body.

Perfectly content in your surroundings.

Until that fateful day, that is, when you were forced to move out.

Out into the cold harsh world.

A bright scary place compared to what you were used to.

No longer the recipient of continuous comfort and nourishment.

A tiny helpless body

Learning first lessons in patience and trust,

Alongside new feelings called wonder and joy.

Those early days will forever be cherished .

But time moves on,

And history has a way of repeating itself.

The day has come, once again, for you to move out into the unknown.

Just as before, I will push to deliver you to a place which may not be as comfortable as what you’re used to.

Soon you will learn new lessons in patience and trust,

Accompanied by abundant wonder and joy.

Once again, I am giving birth to you, my beautiful son.

I’m sorry I won’t always be there to hold you,

To take care of your every need.

It has to be this way,

Now that you have grown to be a man.

I know, just as before, you will learn how to exist in an unfamiliar world.

And I’m sure,

I will as well.

Copyright Suzanne Norton 2015

About Suzanne

I write poetry, flash fiction, quotes and personal essays. Words flow forth like a river that cannot be dammed. Writing is my soul.
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3 Responses to Giving Birth

  1. BunKaryudo says:

    I think it’s very touching. Leaving home and going to university is one of the great changes in life. I hope he’ll be very happy in his studies.


  2. Suzanne says:

    Reblogged this on and commented:

    I wanted to throw this one back up to the top in honor of my son going away to University (even though it is only 3 1/2 miles away). I wrote it when I first realized he needed to have his wings. Let me know what you think.


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