Salt Sugar Fat

This subject, and book, is worth every health conscious person’s time.(everyone’s time really)
Thanks for the recommendation Toni!

Traveling Healer

I just finished a tome of a book I bought at Peace Nook (in Columbia MO), called Salt Sugar Fat: How the Food Giants Hooked Us.  In this fascinating book, Michael Moss takes us on a journey through the history of the free market as we know it, from the perspective of the processed food industry, giving us a glimpse into executive meetings, business strategies, and the evolution of what has become the most insidious case of addiction-based denial the world has ever known.

I knew, when I was 12 that I liked sweet things, and that they gave me a bigger charge (and I could eat more of them) if I mixed sugar with fat, some other form of carbohydrate and a little salt.  But for more than the last 50 years there have been millions and millions of dollars spent on research by corporations such as Coca…

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