The Love

I’m filling the hole in my heart, with white cotton from the sky.

Allowing the searing pain in my soul to finally subside.

Letting go of the fear, of pain to come.

Knowing somewhere, waits that special one.

Time to open up, a new chamber in my heart.

Feeling true desire, to make a brand new start.

Trusting each new step, I’ll be given what I need.

Understanding this will mean, sometimes I have to bleed.

It’s okay to look back, to analyze the past.

Accepting the painful truth,  some things weren’t meant to last .

Remembering love feels so good, so sweet, so right.

And there will be more heartache, another day, another night.

It all goes together, not one can escape,

It’s just a little different, how much each one can take.

I want to hold another’s hand,

Someone who’ll treat me right.

I want to dance again with passion, late into the night.

I want to trust, without the fear,

And love like there’s no tomorrow.

Knowing that the last one, will be a tough act to follow.

That fear is what stops me, from taking the leap

And allowing myself to fall.

That I need to be more discerning, next time I make the call.

I’m looking for someone, who’s got his act together, who can speak for what he needs.

Who can tell me when he wants some space, and when his heart bleeds.

Someone who won’t slam the door, leaving me all alone.

Someone who has the consideration, to at least pick up the phone.

I’m slowly figuring out this game, and all it’s different players.

How each of us is complicated, each having many layers.

I’m not interested in repeating cycles, that leave me feeling hurt.

I’m looking for a man, who can wear the pants, and shirt.

Someone who takes responsibility, for his own bag of shit.

Someone who won’t throw in the towel,  just give up and quit.

The trick is to have patience,  which I have little of, it seems.

A virtue that is needed, when following my dreams.

For now I don’t want serious,

Just some sweet love, and affection.

I know in time, it will all flow in my direction.

I’ll put the energy out there,  what I need this time around.

Someone to treat me gently, not throw me to the ground.

To hold my heart, my body, – to be sincere, and real.

For all any of us really want,

Is to feel,



The Love.

Copyright Suzanne Norton 2015

[Inspiration from a recent special connection, or two.]

About Suzanne

I write poetry, flash fiction, quotes and personal essays. Words flow forth like a river that cannot be dammed. Writing is my soul.
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